Friday, June 27, 2014

Product Review: Hear Doggy! Flats Deer

The Hear Doggy! Flat Deer is a plush toy with a squeaker that operates at a pitch undetectable by human ears. It is stuffingless and blissfully silent.
Photo by Erin Koski

I'm not a huge fan of stuffing-less stuffies, I always feel like I'm depriving Briz of one of the joys of being a dog. He's not a militant unstuffer, but he does enjoy emptying out his stuffies when they are finally breached.

That said, this is the best squeaky toy ever, even better than that Kong thing with the off switch. It is the best squeaky because I cannot hear it. Hear Doggy! toys obviously make noise, because my dogs perk up and get excited when I squeeze them.

Hear Doggy! is a brand in the Quaker Pet Group family, along with goDog and Sherpa.

Pros: Finally a squeaky they can enjoy without driving me nuts. Awesome for OCD dogs that Just. Can't. Stop. Squeaking. Cannot be used as an attention-getting device by annoying dogs.

Cons: I have no idea if this thing still squeaks or not because I can't hear it. Did they break it yet? Should I sneak up and start squeezing it when they're sleeping?

Bottom Line: We got this in a BarkBox, otherwise I may not have purchased one. I am not totally in love with our flat deer, but I will probably get Briz a flamingo or a starfish in the future because these things are pretty awesome.

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