Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Product Review: Lone Wolf Martingale Slip Leash

The Lone Wolf Martingale is a combination slip-on leash with a martingale-style collar. It comes in two webbing widths, two lengths, and 16 different color combinations. Lone Wolf makes a variety of webbing products in each width, including traffic and traditional slip leads, and regular leashes. The company also make round nylon braid leashes in a variety of colors.

Photo by Erin Koski
I have several dozen different collars for Brisbane, but maybe ten leashes because those do a lot more than just hold tags. Briz walks nicely on a loose leash 99% of the time, and then once in a while he explodes. I mostly use 3/4" wide leather leashes for their superior grip, when I buy a leash I try to imagine what it will feel like to have it violently ripped through my hands. Lone Wolf's flat braid is soft and grippy, and wide enough to grab comfortably even with sore hands.

Slip leashes are extremely versatile, and very popular in agility where dogs aren't allowed to wear collars while they run. I like martingale slip leads because they are limited-slip rather than choke collars. They also tighten more evenly than a collar that slips through a single ring. The Lone Wolf martingale lead has a leather slide to keep it from opening too wide. Brisbane's is a 4' long black and purple martingale in 5/8" wide flat braid.

Pros: Easy and convenient to put on. Requires no opening or closing of hardware and is made from big, beefy braid so I believe it would be comfortable for arthritic hands. Seriously, the 5/8" wide braid is at least 1/4" thick with nice rounded edges. This might be the greatest leash ever for people with limited hand mobility. I also love the variety of colors available. Comes in 4' and 6' lengths., and mine is big enough to fit a dog with a 42" neck.

Cons: The collar is non-adjustable. My 5/8" martingale has a 16" collar and Brisbane has a 17" neck, so it is snug when tightened and he can't back out of it. I'm just lucky it worked out that way because the collars don't come in different sizes. If he had a bigger neck, the collar would choke him when pulled tight. If he had a smaller neck I would have to use the smaller size, which has a much shorter collar. Ru is too small for the smaller martingale.

Bottom Line: I use this leash for agility class and quick trips when I don't feel like putting a harness on Brisbane. It lives in my dog event bag and goes on various trips with us. I know several people who use them as their primary leashes.

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