Sunday, June 22, 2014

Product Review:Made by Tawny Pink Dino Collar

Made by Tawny is my coworker's own collar company, featuring flat buckle collars with grosgrain ribbon trim. She makes collars in tons of different designs and three sizes to fit dogs with necks 10-24" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

I love dinosaurs with the fiery fury of a thousand death comets, and there just aren't that many cute dinosaur collars out there. The ones that I see are usually terribly cartoonish, or have a pattern so small that it's unrecognizable, or have a background in an unappealing color that is sure to look filthy right away. Enter the Pink Dino Collar. It's bright, it's bold, and it gets right to the point, which is dinosaurs.

This one was originally made for Josie, who went to work with me every day. As her neck was only a couple of inches larger than Brisbane's, he has inherited it. This is easily my favorite collar, so Briz wears it a lot. Josie wore it nonstop for several weeks. It still looks brand new. I like to wear a hot pink athletic shirt and my stegosaurus necklace to events like lure coursing so we can match.

Pros: Durable enough to handle scratching from Brisbane's death talons without taking any damage. Dries nicely and doesn't collect dirt easily. I'm pretty sure I've also sent it through my washing machine by now. Also, dinosaurs.

Cons: Doesn't quite come small enough for Ru, though I may just get him a 10" collar and have it be 2" too big because seriously, dinosaurs.

Bottom Line: This is definitely my favorite collar, I am absolutely delighted that it has held up so well.

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