Monday, June 23, 2014

June BarkBox

This month's BarkBox was a bit of a bust. Our first couple of boxes were big winners, with Brisbane-safe treats and stuffable toys. The more recent ones have been a bit more disappointing, with duck and chicken treats and chews. I've given away two bags of egg and poultry treats, and I have a lonely bag of Chicken Cordon Bleu biscuits sitting on the counter.

The biscuits are from Bocce's Bakery, and they look delicious. Brisbane would love to eat them. I could try feeding them to Ru, but he has a tendency to bury his treats between the couch cushions instead of eating them. Brisbane always checks the couch for hidden cookies.

The La Petit Treat Quiche Lorraine cookies are the best thing in this box, Brisbane thinks the only thing wrong is that there aren't more of them. It's a tiny bag. Ru loves them too.

The other two items in this box are toys by Harry Barker. The Eiffel Towel is cute, it's made from cotton canvas and stuffed with recycled plastic fiberfill. The rope ball is machine-washable and uses earth-friendly dyes. It's machine washable for when it gets all gross and slobbery. Brisbane is totally unimpressed with either of these toys. Ru briefly considered playing with the rope ball, but found it a little too heavy and intimidating.

What will BarkBox bring us next month? Hopefully something poultry-free! This month's box was Paris-themed, next time Brisbane would like something Australian, or maybe German.

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