Thursday, March 17, 2016

Product Review: Pet Qwerks FlavorIt Breath Bone

This FlavorIt nylon chew bone from Pet Qwerks is infused with mint and chlorophyll to help fight bad doggy breath. Labelled as being for aggressive chewers, this toy features many tiny holes that can be filled by spreading the bone with peanut butter, cream cheese, liver pate, or any other spreadable thing your dog loves. The Pet Qwerks FlavorIt product line includes several different flavors, shapes, and textures with the same little holes. the Breath Bone is available in four sizes suitable for any dog. It is dishwasher-safe and made in the USA.
minty durable nylon chewbone
Photo by Erin Koski

This FlavorIt bone arrived in our October BarkBox. Believe it or not, it's a size medium. We had been getting the size medium BarkBoxes, intended for dogs 20-50 lbs. The folks at BarkBox apparently decided to throw in the size medium Breath Bone despite the fact that the packaging says it is intended for dogs up to 30 lbs. As I'm sure there are plenty of 30-50 lb dogs getting those mid-size subscription boxes, it seems like they should have included a size large for dogs up to 50 lbs so that everyone could play.

This toy seems like a good idea at face value. Dog doesn't like non-edible chews? Just smoosh some peanut butter into the little pits and they won't be able to resist. The problem lays in the fact that it's really quite difficult to get peanut butter out of those little holes. Like, basically impossible. Cool if you really want to challenge your dog, not so cool if you don't feel like letting ancient peanut butter sit around in a toy indefinitely. You can't wash that stuff out, folks.

Pros: At least as durable as a Nylabone. A different way to encourage chewing in a dog unfamiliar with the concept. Some dogs will spend eternity working on this thing.

Cons: Sizes feel sort of small, I would definitely get at least the next size up. Large and aggressive chewers are going to be able to demolish this bone no matter what. One peanut butter goes into the little holes, it may never come out.

Bottom Line: I could see this being potentially useful with some dogs, but I can't see using it on a regular basis.

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