Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Bocce's Bakery Awesome Dog Biscuits with Cheese

These heart-shaped biscuits from Bocce's Bakery are perfect for dogs with allergies. They're made with oat flour and cheese. That's it. No eggs. No barley flour. No chicken flavor. Just two ingredients that happen to not be on Brisbane's extensive list of allergies. They're pretty tasty too, according to the dogs. Even Ru will eat them.
limited ingredient dog biscuits

Good For: Cramming into Kongs along with peanut butter or spray cheese. Hiding around the house for the dogs to find. Handing them on my way out the door to keep them distracted for a few seconds. Balancing on noses.

Not Good For: High-value training treats.

How Much We Like Them: I really need to take pictures of Brisbane and Sisci balancing these on their noses and paws. Such good dogs!

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