Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finally Home!

After staying an extra night at the vet for IV pain meds, Brisbane finally came home on Friday. He had surgery on Sunday to remove the tumor that I first noticed in December. It was much larger than we thought on the inside, and he is recovering extremely well after such a major procedure.
Dog after facial tumor removal

Before med time, we went for a short stroll outside. Brisbane was very happy to be outside, he stood there sniffing the breeze for the longest time before happily trotting down the sidewalk. He even gave me a classic Briz grin.

The vet did one more big dose of IV pain medication before we left, so Brisbane came home very groggy. As soon as we got home, he flopped on the bed and fell asleep. This morning we will begin oral pain meds and figure out what it takes to keep him company.

Brisbane had been at the vet for a week, I dropped him off on Friday of last week for a couple of days of pre-op care before the surgery on Sunday. Sisci was very happy to see him today. Ru...was confused. Also a bit growly. I think he might have forgotten about Brisbane entirely. He has a tiny brain, it might only take him a week to forget things.

dog with face shaved for surgery
If I had known ahead of time that the tumor was so extensive, I might have made a different choice. I'm glad I didn't know, so far I have absolutely no regrets about this surgery. Briz has handled everything beautifully, and I'm sure soon he will feel so good that I'll have to hold him back from doing too much. Cattledogs are all about overdoing it.

Brisbane's GodFundMe campaign is still active, and we would love as many social media shares as we can get. Costs are running higher than initially expected because the surgery was significantly more involved. He's worth it though. So, so very worth it.

Next week we should have a pathology report on the mass, and hopefully our amazing vet will be able to do a case study to help other dogs with hemangioperisarcomas.

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