Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Earthborn Holistic Bison Meal Recipe Grain-Free Biscuits

We got these Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Bison Meal Recipe Biscuits free with the purchase of a big bag of Earthborn Holistic dog food at the nifty new pet food store near us. These are light, airy, oven-baked cookies decorated with tulips. So cute! They contain Antarctic krill meal, which is supposed to be awesome. I really like that the first ingredient is bison meal, which is a much more concentrated ingredient than fresh meat. It means there's a whole lot of bison in there. Aside from the krill and the bison, these things are made from peas, tapioca, and canola oil. There's also some apples, carrots, blueberries, spinach, and cranberries in the mix, but that's pretty much it.
Earthborn Holistic bison meal grain-free poultry-free egg-free dog cookies

Good For: Handing out for the dogs to crunch before I leave the house. Dogs with egg and poultry allergies. Picky chihuahuas who don't like most crunchy biscuits. Mid-value training treats. Cramming inside Kongs along with peanut butter and EZ-Cheez.

Not Good For: Dogs with beef or bison allergies. High-value training treats.

How Much We Like Them: Ru doesn't usually have to think very hard about eating them. Ru usually has to think very hard about eating things.

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