Thursday, March 31, 2016


We got the lab results back from Brisbane's biopsy, and he actually has osteosarcoma. Bone cancer. His vet and I are amazed. We never expected this diagnosis because bone cancer tends to be very painful and Briz hasn't been showing signs of pain. He has quite happily been using the affected side of his mouth, and does not hesitate to engage in his favorite activities. He is the happiest osteosarcoma dog ever.

The good news is that our vet has chemotherapy drugs on hand that usually work well for this type of cancer. He doesn't have an aggressive form of osteosarcoma, either. It's basically the best news we could get when the diagnosis is bone cancer.

Back in December when I first noticed the bump on his cheek, I was terrified that it could be bone cancer. That was the worst case scenario. I couldn't imagine dealing with that at all. Now that I'm dealing with it, it's not so bad. Right before the surgery, I was convinced it was the end and all I wanted was more time with my beloved Brisbane.

I don't know how much longer we have together. Maybe a couple of months, maybe a couple of years. For now though, Brisbane is happy. This week he is extra-peppy, splashing in water bowls and running laps around the yard with Sisci. Mealtime now happens three times a day instead of only once, and my jobs allow me to keep him with me all day long. It's a pretty nice way spend our remaining time together, however much we get.
Brisbane's GoFundMe campaign is still running, and we would appreciate it being shared if you are able. Thanks!

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