Saturday, March 5, 2016

Product Review: White Pine Outfitters Soft Slip Collars

Elegant in their simplicity, these Soft Slip Collars are my favorite thing from White Pine Outfitters. The traditional limited slip style is both minimalist and escape-proof* while also being very gentle on the skin and coat. Our collars are 1/2" wide Mini Soft Slips, which come in nine colors including two different shades of pink. Collars are also available in 9/16" and 1" widths. White Pine also offers quick-release buckle collars, two styles of harness, several different leads, grooming nooses, and long lines.
Heelers with limited slip collars
Photo by Erin Koski

Show dog owners favor these collars because they don't usually damage the coat. There is a minimal amount of very light hardware, and the webbing is tubular so it doesn't have any edges to rub or pull hair. Brisbane has very sensitive skin, and these are very easy on his coat.

I think my favorite thing about these collars is how little space there is for the collar to slip. Brisbane is an expert at backing out of collars. I like to adjust his semi-slip collars so they are just tight enough to stay on without choking him when pulled tight. Many escape-proof collars have huge loops or slip sections, and when properly adjusted they hang very loose. These slide between "just big enough to slip over your head" "just small enough to stay on without strangling you". Perfect.

Pros: Soft and gentle on delicate coats. Traditional escape-proof design. Minimalist collar. Easy to slip on, and so light and tiny I sometimes forget they are there. Lots of color and size options. The little skinny ones are a great way to show off a really pretty flat collar while preventing your dog from escaping.

Cons: Must be pulled over the dog's head to get them to, there is no buckle. Dogs with big heads may need the size adjusted after the collar is on. Little skinny collars put a lot of pressure on the neck and should only be used on dogs that know how to walk nicely on leash.

Bottom Line: I primarily use these are herding and agility, where my dogs are mostly off leash but I like to keep a collar on them. The only problem is that Brisbane's tend to get lost in his fluff, and then I assume I removed it and spend ages searching the house and car only to find he's still wearing it.

*Annie can get out of these because Annie can get out of anything.

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