Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Night of the Living Chimichangas

These Night of the Living Chimchangas treats arrived in our zombie-themed Loot Pets February subscription box. Of course, they are made of chicken. Although I have two dogs with zero food allergies, neither Sisci nor Ru is as into food as Brisbane. When I give them a chewy treat like this, I can never be sure whether they are going to chomp it down, nibble on it and leave crumbs everywhere, or hide it in the couch cushions. Brisbane, who is allergic to everything, is VERY good at finding crumbs and hidden treats. 
Loot Pet Night of the Living Chimichangas
Good For: Taking a light chewer about 10 minutes to polish off. Stuffing inside a Kong. A quick snack for a most dogs.

Not Good For: Long-lasting glorious chew time. Dogs allergic to chicken or wheat.

How Much We Like Them: I finally got Sisci and Ru to eat them all while Brisbane was at the vet for a week. It was a chicken-duck-turkey-egg-corn-barley-sweet-potato extravaganza. Then I cleaned up the crumbs.

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