Thursday, March 24, 2016

Product Review: Casa Bella No Bones About It Sponge

Casa Bella's No Bones About It sponge is a different kind of pet hair removal tool. The bone-shaped sponge is supposed to remove fur from fabrics of all types, including carpet. It does not need water or cleaning products in order to work, just wipe and the fur flies off. It's sort of rubbery and works via friction.
Photo by Erin Koski

For a rubber spongy thing, this actually works pretty good. It definitely works better than a lot of lint rollers I've tried. The primary issue is that the hair tends to stick to it though, and gets redeposited on the next swipe. If you can get all the hair in one swipe, it's fantastic.

This is definitely not any kind of miracle product, unfortunately. While it can get a decent chunk of the fur off my fleece jacket after a good Annie-petting session, it definitely doesn't get all of it. Unsurprisingly, the hairs it can't seem to budge are the same ones the lint roller can't touch, woven permanently into the fabric.

Pros: Non-toxic, reusable, way more earth-friendly than disposable sticky roller sheets or tape. Made in the USA. Might be able to budge hair that resists other removal methods.

Cons: Despite Casa Bella's claims, removing hair with this thing is not effortless. Takes many swipes to remove fur from fleecy fabric. Has a shelf life and will eventually become crumbly.

Bottom Line: My mother once said she wished she was comfortable enough to just go out in public looking like I do....

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