Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Loot Pets March Crate: Versus

Our March Loot Pets crate arrived yesterday, and it has a Mirror Spock dog shirt so my life is basically complete. This month's theme is Versus, and while I was expecting nothing but superhero stuff, I was pleasantly surprised. I think it's fitting that our Versus crate showed up with Brisbane is battling cancer, and he's even got a perfect split-personality good/evil haircut for the occasion.
Spock dog shirt

Briz can't have either of the treats in this crate, but he's limited to very soft canned food right now anyhow. Maybe next month's crate will have something for him. This month's crate brought us some Turduck'nstein Menacing Meat Treats and Ruff 'Em Ups! Fruity Protein Puffs by Loving Pets, makers of the Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps and most of our other Loot Crate goodies. These both have poultry in them, so I will have to talk Sisci and Ru into eating them because Briz is allergic.

Sisci is already in love with the Phunny Batman plush. This one comes to us from Kidrobot, makers of all sorts of weird toys. Their plush facehugger from last month's regular Loot Crate almost made me sign up for a crate for myself.

There is a package of Loot Pets Exclusive Captain America collapsible dog bowls that look super convenient. These are packable enough to stick anywhere, and I won't really worry about losing them. They seem sturdy enough, hopefully they hold up nicely.

If that Spock shirt weren't in there, the Alien vs. Predator collar charm would definitely be my favorite thing in this month's crate. I mean, where else would I ever find something like that? It's instantly recognizable, and will have people scratching their heads for years wondering where the hell it came from and who on earth would manufacture it.

The Mirror Mirror dog shirt is so amazing I may actually haul out my sewing machine and alter it so Ru can wear it. I need to do that with all the dog shirts from Loot Crate. I'm guessing the Loot Crate Lab is staffed by owners of pugs and bulldogs and other wide dogs with short backs. Based on the number of pictures of dogs with huge-necked t-shirts sliding down their shoulders, I'm not the only one with a longer, narrower dog.

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