Saturday, August 20, 2016

Caturday: Aikiou Stimulo Feeder, Cats Incredible Litter, and Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings

It's Caturday, and Solstice and James have finally figured out how to use their Aikiou Stimulo puzzle feeder! We just tried out Solid Gold's new mousse wet food, and a bag of Cats Incredible litter from Lucy Pet Products. The puzzle feeder has worked miracles, I cannot believe how quickly the cats went from bored and obnoxious to happily amused.
cat puzzle bowl

The Aikiou Stimulo Feeder

This amazing bowl has a base with a bunch of little wells, and a set of plastic tubes that slide into those wells. Food goes in the tubes, and the cats have to reach down with their little cat hands and snag one kibble at a time. This makes eating take a lot longer, and actually engages some problem-solving braincells. Prior to learning how to use the Stimulo feeder, James and Solstice were actively restless. Their yowled all night, tried frantically to bolt through any door, and randomly fought with each other. 

Lucy Pet Products kitty litter with smell squasherThere is a learning curve to using the Stimulo bowl. I started with no tubes attached, and just put food in the little wells so Solstice could reach it and not starve. James was already an accomplished paw-grabber before I introduced the bowl. After a couple of days I added some of the shorter tubes, and I waited until I saw Solstice pulling food out of them before adding the rest. Now we have all the tubes in place, I load the bowl up every night, and they spend many hours a day fishing for kibbles. They are getting along again, less obsessed with the doors, and they let me sleep. I bought this bowl out of the clearance bin at my local Petco.

Cats Incredible Litter

I met the people behind Lucy Pet Products at SuperZoo. They make a variety of grooming products, and also Cats Incredible litter. This litter has a proprietary ingredient called "Smell Squasher" that is supposed to keep ammonia from forming. It's a clay-based clumping litter that is not flushable. I'm a little worried about James and his Cat Asthma, but Cats Incredible is 99.9% dust-free so I'm hoping it doesn't bother him. I'm usually good about scooping the litterbox on at least a daily basis, and I am extremely lucky to have cats that use the box every time no matter how bad it gets. I'm told the Smell Squasher requires an ammonia-free environment to work, so I dutifully scrubbed out the box this afternoon and filled it up. I'll let you know how it works. Lucy Pet Products uses all of their profits to help homeless pets, and they are very local to me. I paid full retail price for this cat litter at my local pet store because I want to support this company.
soft mousse wet cat food

Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings

Solid Gold's representatives were super excited to show me their new mousse cat food at SuperZoo. They said it was the only wet cat food that was a mousse. I didn't have the heart to tell them about Tiki Cat's Velvet mousse. Purrfect Pairings has a bit more structural integrity than Velvet, it's slightly thicker but still velvety smooth. I like that it comes in a cup that's just the right size for one kitty meal. It's a lot easier to get all the fluffy mousse out of than a pouch. Solid Gold did give me one of each flavor to try, so I was compensated for this review. My bottomless pits really like this stuff though, so I'll probably end up buying them more.

So there's our Caturday. Those of you that have cats, what litter do you use?

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