Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Treat Tuesday: QChefs Puffed Power Cracker and Puffed Fitness Cracker

QChefs was kind enough to give me samples of their new digestible chews at SuperZoo, and these are so unusual that I had to share them here. We got a Puffed Power Cracker and a Puffed Fitness Cracker. Power Crackers are made from cottage cheese, buckwheat, and coconut oil. Ours had a fairly light and air consistency, and I was surprised how long it took Sisci to chew it up. Fitness Crackers are made from rice and hard cheese, as well as coconut oil. Ours was very hard and took quite a bit of gnawing to demolish.
hard cheese edible dog chew

Good For: Up to 20 minutes of intense chewing for the little Fitness and Power crackers. Dog with protein allergies. Dogs that like to swallow their chews whole. Being more exciting than a Himalayan yak chew.

Not Good For: Dogs with rice, buckwheat, or dairy allergies. Being more exciting than a bully stick.

How Much We Like Them: I need to find a local shop that carries these because the dogs love them.
digestible edible long-lasting dog chew

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