Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's Caturday! Here's Some Cats!

There are a lot of really neat and innovative cat products out there, so I've decided that James and Solstice can do some product testing. Collectively known as The Hellions, my cats are eight year old littermates that I've had since they were around five weeks old. The Hellions are...quirky. I know, I know, every cat is quirky. Mine are just a little bit special. How special? Solstice meows every time you touch her. Every. Single. Time.
baby kittens hugging
Baby Hellions!

James has a variety of health issues that have been described as Cat Asthma and Cat Acne. He has wheezy breathing problems when he uses dusty litter, and his face breaks out in horrible scabs when he eats from a dish that isn't clean. He may also have some food allergies, as he started getting scabby behind his ears last time I introduced him to some new foods. The cats have been eating Taste of the Wild's Canyon River Feline Formula for years now, and I think it's time to add some variety.

Tiki Cat

mousee soft cat food
I met some representatives for Tiki Cat at SuperZoo, and they were very excited to share their new Velvet line of cat food. It's a mousse. I was raised by cat people and have lived with a ridiculous number of cats in my lifetime, and I've seen a whole lot of canned cat food. I have never seen anything like this. It's like a super mushy pate, or a very thick broth. Somewhere in the middle of those. You know how some cats like to lick all the gravy off the canned cat food and leave all the solids? These are basically all gravy. Know how some cats will only eat wet food in pate form? This is pretty much pate too. It's a beautiful thing.
Fresh out of the pouch.

James thoroughly enjoyed the pate, he licked the bowl clean (for a given value of clean, it's still going through the dishwasher...). Solstice declined to participate in Caturday and has been snoozing on top of tall furniture instead. 

My mother's weird little Persian cat is a diehard gravy licker. I'm hoping he likes the Velvet Mousse too. 

The texture of this stuff is really unique. It's actually perfect for force-feeding a sick pet. Brisbane isn't eating well right now, and it has been a struggle to get him to swallow his pills. Today I ground
Tiki Cat Chicken and Salmon Velvet cat food
James tastes the mousse.
them into powder, mixed them with a little Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse cat food, and loaded the whole glob into a syringe. I was able to squirt the goop into Brisbane's mouth, and it was thick and sticky enough that he couldn't spit it back out. Win!


  1. Thank you for posting! Did they happen to tell you when it will be available for purchase at retail outlets?

    1. They probably did, I'll have to hunt through my stack of product literature to see if it says. Most of the new products I saw were due to be released in September.

  2. still can't find the velvet mousse...want it badly for my diabetic cat...any ideas where I can order online?

    1. I haven't seen it online yet. However, I have learned that a lot of the pet food companies have pretty close relationships with independent pet store owners. If you have a local independent pet store, you can ask if they can special order it.

  3. I successfully ordered a variety pack through a local indy-pet store. So, yay! It now exists!