Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SuperZoo Day 1!

Day 1 of SuperZoo 2016 was amazing! This is the biggest pet industry tradeshow in he country, and it is enormous and incredible. I got to meet the people behind some of my favorite products, and hear their stories. I've had some great interactions with my favorite pet products companies in the past, but nothing beats actually talking face to face. I admit, I've done a lot of gushing. There's just so many things I love here!

First, the Buddy Belts people are the best people ever. I've been wanting one of their soft leather harnesses for Ru for years, and they let me take one home! These are one-of-a-kind harnesses that have been around for years and last forever.  Look for our review of it coming soon!

I am also bringing home a Tuggo water-weighted tug toy. This is a huge ball and a big hefty rope designed to keep the most voracious tugger occupied while saving your arm. This one is definitely going in the Indestructible Toy Hall of Fame. The Tether Tug is another arm-saving tug toy we're hoping to test soon.

Ruffwear had some colorful new surprises to show off! The Front Range will be coming in bright colors with brightly colored straps instead of their standard grey. That's not the only thing departing from standard grey either, the new Float Coats will also be coming in some bright tone-on-tone colors including blue with hot pink highlights. The Webmaster will also be coming out with colored straps, and there is a Swamp Cooler attachment similar to Ruffwear's Brushguard that fits on the bottom of the harness to keep the dog's belly cool. There is a new backpack coming out that is built on the Front Range harness, and we'll also be seeing the Front Range in purple.

Speaking of purple, EzyDog is adding a super bright purple as well as an updated orange that resists fading better than their previous orange. They've got a teeny tiny stretchy shock absorbing leash for Ru-sized dogs now too.

Planet Dog is rolling out a super durable squeaky ball that's nearly solid with a squeaker buried deep inside. They also have some fun additions to the produce toy line, including a little red chili pepper that is just the right size for Ru! They are also releasing a 4" Diamond Plate ball so big dogs can play safely.

The coolest new thing I saw was probably Smoochy Poochy's hands-free multi-function leash. This is a double-ended leash with grommets along the length that allow it to be clipped to itself in all sorts of ways! The Smoochy Poochy people also approved of my unicorn and mosasaur socks.

The pet tech industry is coming out with some fascinating new stuff. The Pod pet tracker is a tiny GPS and activity monitor, they were sharing a booth with PetCube remote interactive pet cameras. The PetKit activity monitor isn't quite as fully-featured as the Pod, but it's also incredibly light and unobtrusive. They also have a smart bowl the weighs your dog's food or water so you can monitor their intake, and a remote pet camera that can be rotated remotely.

I got to visit with Dog is Good, and got my picture taken with my tote bag! Got to look at the internal construction of Snoozer's different console car seats. RC Pets and Red Dingo have some neat new prints coming out soon. Canine Friendly has a new version of their car harness that comes in some nice bright colors.

I saw way more stuff today than I can cram into one blog post, and I still have half the convention center to explore!

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