Sunday, December 7, 2014

Product Review: EzyDog Checkmate Collar

The EzyDog Checkmate collar is a limited slip collar with a plastic quick-released buckle. It comes in seven colors and four sizes to fit dogs with necks 10-33" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

I like limited slip collars better than martingales for the most part, because the bit of the collar that tightens is usually smaller on limited slips. I have several martingale collars with enormous loops that leave the collar several inches too big and flopping around when loose. The slip section of our large Checkmate collar is three inches long. The slip sections of my large Premier martingales are five inches long.

This collar is a little big on Brisbane, in retrospect I should have gotten him a size medium. The medium is skinnier and lighter, a little more subtle than the large.

Pros: Tightens down to an escape-proof fit, loosens enough but not too much. Quick release buckle means I don't have to pull it over Brisbane's head.

Cons: Does not come tiny enough for Ru. Also does not come in purple or darker pink, only pastel dirt-showing pink.

Bottom Line: Currently the best slip collar I own.

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