Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Zukes Lil' Links Rabbit and Apple Recipe

"Healthy Little Sausages for Dogs" is what it says under Zukes Lil' Links on the bag. These things are grain-free, made from meat, and semi-moist thanks to the addition of vegetable glycerin and gelatin. Once exposed to the air though, they harden to a rock-like consistency. I bought these when I needed to keep Ulysses quiet in a crate for a couple hours, and I foolishly shoved most of the bag into the Kong Genius Mike toy. I was forced to chisel most of them out with a butter knife a couple of weeks later when I finally admitted to myself that the dogs were never going them retrieve them.

Good For: Keeping the chihuahua busy for a few minutes because the treats are each the size of my thumb.

Not Good For: Shoving inside puzzle toys because my dogs just lick them and refuse to gnaw rubber in their quest for sausage treats.

How Much We Like Them: Enough to try another bag so I can stick some in Kongs and then chisel them out again.

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