Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Isle of Dogs Mini-Size Health Biscuits

I love Isle of Dog's mini treats because the shape works so well in our different toys. The cookies are just the right size to drop in the bottom of a Kong, and they are small enough that I don't feel guilty giving them to the dogs just because I feel like giving them cookies. There's just something about bone-shaped biscuits, I think it's the fact that I grew up with Milkbones being the dog cookies,

Good For: Stuffing Kongs and assorted toys. Decorating dog cupcakes. Handing out cookies without smelling like dog biscuits. Spoiling spoiled dogs.

Not Good For: High value training treats. cramming in Kongs for poorly-motivated chihuahuas.

How Much We Like Them: This is actually the second box I've purchased.

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