Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Product Review: Hurtta Waterproof Fleece Jacket

The Hurtta Waterproof Fleece Jacket is a warm winter jacket for dogs that live in cold climates. Or extremely spoiled dogs that live in temperate climates. It is waterproof and reflective, and it comes in a multitude of sizes to fit dogs of many shapes.
Photo by Erin Koski

I have hard-to-fit dogs. Brisbane and Ru are both very straight in the front, with long backs. This normally means that I have to decide whether to go with the coat that fits their chest but is short in the back, or the one that fits their back but is ridiculously large around the chest. This is pretty typical, I'm sure everyone with a sighthound, dachshund, or bulldog has had a similar experience.

Hurtta's dog coats were clearly designed by someone who understands that not all dogs are built on the average lab/cocker body plan. Their products are designed to stay on, allow freedom of movement, and truly fit.

Most dog clothes are too wide at the neck, they stretch and slide down the body. The Hurtta waterproof fleece jacket has an elastic drawstring in the neck so that it can be cinched down for a custom fit. No more stretched out dog sweaters hanging around Brisbane's shoulders. Our waterproof fleece jacket is plenty long enough to cover Brisbane from neck to tail, it would be huge on him if it didn't also have an elastic drawstring in the waist. The result is a custom-fitted coat that really keeps him toasty, doesn't slide off his body, and keeps the warm air inside. The elastic sleeve holes also help keep his entire chest and belly warm, and the waist cinch prevents him from peeing on his jacket.

Pros: Versatile and adjustable enough to fit a wide variety of dogs. Really warm, waterproof, and reflective. Back zipper makes it easy to get on a dog that lacks flexibility.

Cons: Brisbane hates wearing it. Briz hates wearing most clothes, though.

Bottom Line: I would choose this coat for lazing around, and for keeping an old creaky dog warm. I wish we had one in Ru-size. Blanket-style coats probably allow a little more freedom of movement with less possibility of rubbing, but this one is pretty awesome. It even fits Uly.

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