Saturday, December 13, 2014

Product Review: Dean and Tyler DT Works Harness

The DT Works harness by Dean and Tyler is a Norway-style harness intended for service dogs and other working pups. It is extremely well-built, with reflective material across the front and heavy-duty hardware. Both the chest and belly straps are adjustable, and the harness comes with a D-ring on the top as well as two on the sides. The DT Works harness also includes velcro patches that can be removed and swapped depending on who is wearing the vest and why. The DT Works harness comes in two colors and five sizes to fit dogs with chests 18-47" around, and up to 52" around with the optional 5" girth extension.
Photo by Erin Koski

Not gonna lie, I actually have "Service Dog" patches for this harness. Why? Because I bought it at a thrift store for $5, not because I want to pass off my terrible dogs as actual service dogs. Anyone who does that deserves to be nipped to death by a pack of rabid chihuahuas.

While I have been moving away from using Norway-style harnesses based on the work and advice of Dr. Christine Zink, I still use this one for Ulysses because it is so cool-looking. I love the handle on top that allows me to hang on and steer him, this is awesome for people with mobility issues as well. Our harness is a size small, and Brisbane is almost too small for it. I love the fit, the front strap sits nice and high on his chest, while the belly strap is well behind his elbows and goes around his ribs rather than his abdomen. The only other Norway harness I have with this good a fit is Ru's custom harness from Fraggle Rock.

Pros: Super adjustable and more ergonomic than any other harness this style. Very sturdy and probably indestructible. Multiple leash attachment points and big top handle. Reflective with removable patches. Wide straps distribute pressure comfortably and allow the dog to pull comfortably. Lends an air of legitimacy to whatever I am doing with my dog, even without patches. It that a search and rescue dog? A bomb sniffing dog? I could get patches to identify my dog as a cadaver sniffing dog if I felt so inclined. Really, who would fake that?

Cons: The saddle on this harness is very stiff, it sort of sticks out at the corners on Brisbane, and I have to strap it fairly tight on Ulysses before it conforms to his body.

Bottom Line: The only reason I haven't acquired patches for this harness is because I can't quite figure out what to get. "Adopt Me" would be a good place to start. I could get custom patches made if I could figure out what to put on them. I still want the "Cadaver Dog" ones though. Maybe I should train my next dog to sniff out dead people.

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