Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Superior Farms Venison Crepe

The Superior Farms Venison Crepe is a natural chew made from 100% venison hide. It is softer than rawhide, and made in the USA without any scary chemical processing. It also isn't stinky like bully sticks. Ours arrived in our October Allergy-Friendly BarkBox and was snarfed down by Brisbane shortly afterward.
Good For: Giving dogs with beef allergies something nice to chew on. Keeping the monsters busy when I'm trying to blog. Occupying dogs in crates. Being possibly more digestible than beefhide, it certainly feels a lot more light and fluffy.

Not Good For: Lasting as long as Wholesome Hides. Feeding dogs who like to swallow things whole.

How Much We Like It: Not quite enough to order another one for Brisbane, but I might if I saw one in a store. It's such an awesome novel protein chew for dogs with allergies. If Briz were allergic to beef, these would be a staple here.

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