Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Product Review: Dog Is Good Tote Bag

I know I had to have this tote bag from Dog Is Good the moment I saw it. I mean, seriously. Look.At. It. While yellow and retro comic art aren't my favorite things, there was no way I could not own this. As someone who has firmly decided on the child-free route, "OMG I forgot to have children!" is a sentiment I can get behind. Plus there's a chihuahua on it.
Photo by Erin Koski

Super awesome dogs-not-kids graphics aside, this is a pretty awesome bag. Dog Is Good was not kidding when they said it was roomy. I normally cram all my workday stuff (lunch, sunscreen, water bottle, extra leash, book, grooming tools because I'm too big a nerd to use the ones there) into my obnoxiously large purse. With Brisbane needing lunch, meds, and occasionally a sweater, I found the industrial purse a bit small.

That was when the tote bag arrived. It conveniently fits everything I need for myself, Brisbane, and my dog-brushing ego, with room to spare. I can even cram my work sweatshirt in there, rather than forgetting and leaving it somewhere yet again. It's not even a tight fit, I could probably stuff an entire change of clothes or something in before it started looking full.

Other features include a magnetic snap at the top to keep it from gaping open and spilling my stuff across the shared employee closet, and a little zippered inner bag for holding my keys.

Pros: Durable, spacious, and snarky.

Cons: If it were pink, purple, or black it would match better with my personal "perky goth" look.

Bottom Line: Upon arrival, the bag immediately became indispensable and is now a cherished part of my daily life without which I would be lost.

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