Friday, April 15, 2016

Food Friday: Solid Gold Green Cow Beef Tripe Dog Food

I have officially found the stinkiest canned dog food ever, and it is Solid Gold's Green Cow Beef Tripe Recipe. Seriously, ew. Green tripe is the inner lining of a cow stomach, and it is notoriously stinky. It is also difficult to find without knowing someone who actually slaughters cows. Solid Gold has somehow managed to package a small part of that incredible stench in this can.
dog food and dinosaurs

The Company

As I've mentioned before, the Solid Gold company has been making dog food since 1974. They've only had one recall and it was voluntary, but they do use a co packer. Diamond Pet Foods actually produces their foods. For this reason I consider them to be a pet food marketing company, but they do seem to have a lot of heart. I love when a company has pictures of their employees and their pets, it's a lot less like a faceless corporation that way.

The Food

This food stinks. A lot. Probably not as much as fresh raw green tripe, but if you've smelled that then this will definitely give you flashbacks. 

The ingredients are nice and simple, it's just made out of green beef tripe, beef broth, potatoes, canola oil, and vitamins. No chicken fat, no turkey meal, no eggs, and no sweet potatoes. I think it's the only Solid Gold product Brisbane can eat now that barley and sweet potatoes have been added to his list of allergens.
dog food and dinosaurs

Dogs like stinky stuff, and this is easily the most stinky dog food I've ever personally experienced. This makes it way tastier than everything else, and it was the only thing Brisbane would eat right after his surgery. I cannot recommend it enough for picky eaters, and unlike some specially formulated foods for non-eating dogs, you don't need a prescription for this one. It is worth noting that this is an adult dog food, not for puppies, pregnant dogs, or nursing mums.

The Verdict

This is seriously the only thing Brisbane would eat for several days following his tumor debulking surgery. He needed food in his stomach to keep down his many medications, and would only have a couple of bites at a time. For a dog that had never before refused a meal, it was pretty unnerving. 

I would happily recommend this as an alternative to Hill's A/D for picky eaters. It scores five out of five stars on the Dog Food Advisor site, and is a complete and balanced diet suitable for long term feeding.


  1. I recently got a can of the lamb tripe from Trippett and geez I almost died opening the can. hahaha. The visual inside the can wasn't much better =X

    1. I just got some of that today! Not looking forward to smelling it.

  2. Tripe is actually very important to add to the dogs diet ... highly recommended ...