Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Product Review: TreatToob by Paww

The Paww TreatToob is a soft, squeezable, reusable silicone tube for dispensing squishy training treats. It can be filled with any number of things, baby food, peanut butter, canned dog food, cream cheese, the souls of unbaptized infants, whatever your dog really likes. The neck of the tube is wide enough to fit a butter knife or baby spoon for easy filling, and the whole thing comes apart so there's no uncleanable crevices. There are several types of treat labels around the outside, with a rotating window to show your choice. The TreatToob is food-safe and come with a lifetime guarantee.
2-oz GoToob, 3-oz TreatToob, 2-oz GoToob

The TreatToob holds 3 ounces of...whatever. I own one of these and three 2-oz GoToobs. The GoToobs are from the humangear company, which has a fun, informative, and rather silly website that looks almost exactly like the Paww site. Obviously the same people are behind both companies, as the GoToob and the TreatToob are identical except for the collar labels. GoToobs have labels like 'sopa' and 'lotion', TreatToobs have 'pate' and 'meat'. That and peanut butter being slightly easier to squeeze out of the TreatToob are literally the only differences between the two products.

These things are pretty awesome for taking peanut butter places. I've also tried canned pate-style dog food, but it just doesn't get their attention like the peanut butter. It's a definite must-have around here for FitPaws balance training time, Brisbane likes to hang out on the inflatable stuff and lick his chops.

TreatToobs are also amazing for taking super high-value treats to highly distracting environments. At home, they have been amazing for Brisbane's recovery from surgery. He has been eager to learn new tricks, but unable to eat anything but soft food for a few weeks.

A couple of snags in our TreatToob experience: I filled it with peanut butter without getting the cap super duper dry after washing it, left it unrefrigerated for a couple of days, and ended up with mold growing anywhere there was air. In an air bubble at the bottom of the tube, around the inside of the cap, gross. Also my dogs are afraid to lick the peanut butter off the end of the tube like the dogs in the stock photos so I end up putting it on my finger for them to lick off. This would never work if I needed to wear gloves or something.

Pros: Portable, mostly leak-proof, dishwasher safe. Hold all kind of cool treats. Pretty easy to fill with peanut butter, especially if you squeeze all the air out, set a glob of peanut butter on top, and let go so the expanding tube sucks the peanut butter down.

Cons: Cleaning all the nooks and crannies in the cap can be kind of a pain, especially if something really gross was allowed to go bad in there. Needs to be really truly dry before use or can grow mold in there too. My dogs fear the no-drip silicon valve.

Bottom Line: I have yet to find anything as convenient for peanut butter dispensing on the go, but my best friend got some refillable fruit squeeze pouch things for her toddlers that look promising. Maybe she'll trade me.

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