Monday, April 11, 2016

We Killed Another Rubit

I was probably inevitable, but the very first Rubit I purchased has finally given out on us. It survived six years of continuous use, and it didn't wear out in the place I expected. Still, the Rubit did finally wear out and now I'm looking for a new tag holder.
worn out Rubit dog tag clip
This is, in fact, the second Rubit we've killed. The first was Brisbane's purple heart-shaped clip, which was found on the living room floor bent out of shape. The assumption is that it got caught on something and was pulled off the collar. Which I'm glad Ranger wasn't hurt during the incident, it leaves me questioning the strength of the Rubit and how likely it is to get stuck on things.

Rubit casualty number two is Brisbane's original black Rubit Curve, most recently worn by Sisci.. Again found laying on the living room floor. This time though, the point of failure wasn't obvious. The wire gate closure on the clip has actually worn out and lost its spring, allowing it to fall open just enough to slip off a thin collar ring.

I am surprised that this is how the Rubit failed, as I was expecting the metal to wear through either at the top or the bottom where the split ring and D-ring rub. I'm also extremely relieve that this happened at home, and not in the middle of the hills where we spent the entire day grazing sheep.

I still love the Rubit's ease of use, but after two failures in three months I am hesitant to replace our broken ones. Brisbane and Ru's tags are currently being held by LINKS-ITs, but I'm looking for something faster and easier to change for Sisci.


  1. Like you, I switch out dog tags a lot and have found the "Tag-It (Pet ID Tag Holder)" by Cetacea to be the most secure. It's kind of a mini collar which gets clipped by a tiny quick-release buckle onto the dog's collar. It also keep the tags higher up than Rubits attached to the D-ring, which I like.

    Here's the Cetacea product page, but I just bought mine off of Amazon.

    1. That was actually my very first tag holder, it's still around somewhere. I used it for a couple of years but found it got frayed, smelly, and rusted after a while.