Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Yaky Stick

Another goody from the Himalayan Dog Chew Company, this Yaky Stick was the very first thing Brisbane was allowed to chew following his cancer surgery in March. It's a bully stick wrapped in a thin layer of Himalayan Dog Chew. What could possibly be better?
Himalayan dog chew bully stick
Good For: Lasting longer than a regular bully stick. Being more engaging than a regular yak cheese chew. Combining the awesome power of cheese and bully sticks.

Not Good For: Dogs with stitches in their mouths from missing teeth. Dogs that bite big chunks off their chews and swallow them whole.

How Much We Like Them: I was slightly disappointed to find that the bully stick is made from USA cattle and not yak. I want yak bully sticks to exist.

Brisbane was thrilled to be able to gnaw lovingly on a bully stick again. The first thing he did was break off a couple inches of yak chew and chomp them down. Then he needed a break because his chewing stamina is severely diminished right now.

happy dog with himalayan dog chew bully stick
So happy!

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