Sunday, April 3, 2016

Product Review: Companion Road Angel Wedding Dress

This little wedding dress with matching veil is by Companion Road, and Petsmart house brand. This brand seems to have been replaced with the Top Paw and Martha Stewart product lines, but the Companion Road stuff can still be found at various discount stores. This dress comes in five sizes to fit dearly beloved dogs with chests 12-23" around.
small dog in white dress and veil
Photo by Erin Koski

With ribbons, lace, and trim, this is a fancy little dress! The veil is actually my favorite part though, I love the way it fits on Ru's tiny little head. The fabric is a bit stiff, but it's thick and sturdy if not the finest quality.

This little wedding dress is definitely a costume rather than an everyday outfit. It has to be hand washed in cold water if it gets dirty, while most of Ru's outfits are machine-washable.

Pros: Perfect for dog weddings, photo shoots, and looking adorable.

Cons: Pretty limited range of uses, really.

Bottom Line: When you need a dog wedding dress, this one will do.

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