Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fido Fleece Dog Boots

These leopard print fleece dog boots are from the original Fido Fleece company. A little more than just a standard booty, the durable grippy sole wraps around the front of the toe where boots often see the most wear. In addition to the standard velcro wrap strap, these have a drawstring at the very top to help them stay on and keep stuff out of the boots.
leopard print Premier dog boots
Photo by Erin Koski

I remember hearing about Fido Fleece when Brisbane was a baby. They were the preferred coat for shivering jack russell terriers. While the product line still has the original brand name, the ownership of Fido Fleece has changed quite a bit.

Originally Fido Fleece was its own companyl producing fleece dog jackets and matching booties. Then the company was purchased by Premier, makers of wonderful martingale collars and harnesses. Then Premier was acquired by PetSafe and I assume from there everything went to hell.

I'll be honest, I really don't like PetSafe as a company, and would avoid buying their products if they didn't keep buying up companies I really like. I loved the Premier SureFit harness long before PetSafe bought them. I had Busy Buddy toys for my cocker spaniel before Brisbane was born. I feel like they acquire small businesses with excellent customer service and then assimilate them into the giant and faceless corporation.
unhappy dog wearing fleece leopard booties
Photo by Erin Koski

Some giant corporations have decent customer service, but PetSafe is just terrible. I bought a couple of their Come With Me Kitty harness and stretchy leash sets, and after slightly over a year of sitting in a drawer the leashes lost their stretch entirely. I had the same issue with one of my original Ruffwear Roamer leashes, and it was considered defective and replaced. Apparently PetSafe's stretchy leashes simply have a shelf life, and when I emailed to ask about it they told me to just buy another one. I was given another stretchy PetSafe leash and it did the same thing, so apparently this is just a product with a short lifespan. I feel icky about supporting a company that doesn't stand behind their product, and makes things seemingly designed to fail just after their warranty period.

Fido Fleece is another wonderful company swallowed by PetSafe. The product line seems to have shrunk significantly since the brand was acquired, and these boots are no longer available. I haven't heard anyone mention Fido Fleece in years now.

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  1. I own a pet supply thrift store and love it when a Fido Fleece jacket gets donated. They made a great product and it's a shame with all the cheap, poorly made yet expensive things out there, that they are no longer making jackets.