Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SuperZoo Day 2

Today I hit all the pet food and treats booths at SuperZoo 2016. I'm having way too much fun at this tradeshow, it's pretty much the only situation in which I not can not only meet the people behind my favorite pet stuff in person, but it is socially acceptable to run up to them and go "OMG I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!"

I got to meet Joseph Sporn, and see a new design of non-restrictive no-pull harness that hasn't been released yet. I got to share my experience with the original Sporn halter as a child, and they sent me home with a whole bag of toys for Sisci and Ru!

Tiki Cat showed me their new mousse foods that I think my cats are going to enjoy. Solid Gold also has a new mousse cat food, it's a completely different texture than any wet food I've seen so far.

I got to see an Air Pupsaver crash protection carseat in person, and they have a really interesting concept. The seat for larger dogs hooks into both the lower LATCH system and the top carseat anchor, and the seat for smaller dogs looks fluffy enough for Ru.

Speaking of Ru, I got a Bog tag for those days when he's wearing pink and everyone thinks he's a girl. Yup, it's a gender identity tag to help ward off awkward conversations. Granted, I do put dresses on my boy dog so I'm not always trying to avoid awkward conversation so much as ambush the unsuspecting with it. Still, this is a fun and different way of announcing to the world that he is a boy who enjoys being pretty. I'm really looking forward to test driving this one.

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