Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Three Dog Bakery Soft Meaty Treats

These Three Dog Bakery bacon and cheese biscuits are a little walk down memory lane for me. Once upon a time, about fifteen years ago, I used to take my cocker spaniel Oakley to a Three Dog Bakery store on State Street in Santa Barbara. It was the sort of fun small business that knew me and my dog by name, and they had all sorts of adorable goodies. The store eventually closed, and at the time I was unaware that there was more than one Three Dog Bakery.
soft meaty dog biscuits

As it turns out Three Dog Bakery is alive and well and growing. They have a huge variety of packaged treats and goodies, so I don't even need to have a bakery nearby to get them!

Good For: High value training treats when broken up. Picky dogs. Chihuahuas that don't like to crunch up big cookies. Not being horrendously smelly.

Not Good For: Keeping things clean, the cheese dust falls off them like Cheetos.

How Much We Like Them: Ranger and Ru both thought these were awesome!

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