Monday, August 8, 2016

Product Review: Bella Bean Collar

This Bohemian Paisley collar by Bella Bean Couture is probably ten years old. Can we say durable? It hasn't been on a dog that whole time, but I've definitely seen some stuff that looked pretty aged even in the store. This collar looks brand new! Made from soft cotton web, it has a pretty ribbon overlay. Bella Bean has collars and leashes in an ever-expanding array of prints and colors, made to fit dogs of all sizes.
Photo by Erin Koski

Bella Bean Couture was inspired by a boxer named Bella Bean. We all know how fantastic collars look on short-haired muscley dogs. The creator's second dog, a Frenchie, inspired his own product line. Finnegan's No. 3 Standard Goods have a very different aesthetic to them.

Is this just another ribbon overlay collar? Not entirely. This one is a cotton web material, not nylon. Bella Bean offers both, but their natural fiber collars are the ones that really caught my eye. They also sell one-of-a-kind dog beds made from vintage wool blankets.

My favorite Bella Bean creation is actually their collar patches. Remember earning merit badges in scouts? (I was a third-generation Girl Scout!) These dog patches celebrate your dog's special interest in squirrels, sticks, fire hydrants, or whatever you decide they stand for. Sisci caught a squirrel for me recently, I think she totally needs a squirrel patch.

Pros: Soft, strong, unique, and beautiful. Made in the USA from domestic components.

Cons: The website's sizing information is given in pounds rather than inches, so if you have a really big heavy dog with a super skinny neck you may end up with a collar that's too big.

Bottom Line: I found this collar at a thrift store, and when I met the owner of Bella Bean Couture at SuperZoo I was surprised to learn that they had not made this print in the last decade. The company has been around for 13 years now, so they are obviously doing something right!

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