Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Product Review: Martha Stewart Pets Measurement Dog Bowl

A friend found this Martha Stewart Pets Measurement Dog Bowl for me on clearance while she was Ru-sitting. It's a hard plastic bowl with measurements inside, in half cup increments. The idea is to conveniently measure your dog's food to help avoid overfeeding. The bowl has a non-skid bottom, and a handle molded into the side to make it easy to pick up.
Dog Bowl with measurement marks.
Photo by Erin Koski

I am highly in favor of portion control for pets, because most dogs are fat. Is your dog fat? Probably. I prefer to measure food by scooping it out of a bag with a measuring cup, but this bowl would be a reasonable option if I was pouring food out of a smaller bag.

I don't use plastic bowls though, because they are basically impossible to clean. Plastic seems impermeable, but is actually prone to developing tiny scratches that tend to harbor bacteria. (Plastic cutting boards do the same thing!) Dirty dishes give James cat acne, so I stick with metal, ceramic, and glass pet dishes.

Pros: Helps maintain and reinforce portion control. Can also be used to monitor water intake.

Cons: Plastic surface can cause allergic reactions and harbor bacteria over time.

Bottom Line: I'd love to see this bowl in metal or ceramic, or at least in some fun colors. The white is pretty boring.

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