Sunday, December 18, 2016

Product Review: Tre Ponti Liberty Harness

Tre Ponti's Liberty harness is a different style of step-in. This simple yet effective harness fastens at the back with a flexible and adjustable cord. The semi-rigid design stays in place, and does not twist around the dog's body, or ride into their armpits or throat. Tre Ponti's Easy Fit style harnesses are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, and seven sizes to fit dogs with chests 10-26" around.
Step-in Italian dog harness
Photo by Erin Koski

I first saw Tre Ponti harnesses a couple of years ago, on a pair of morbidly obese chihuahuas at doggy daycare. The harnesses were so totally different from anything I had ever seen before. Upon researching them, I immediately discovered that they were from Italy, and nobody online was selling them for less than $50 due to shipping fees. It's possible that the owners of those fat little dogs found the harnesses in a boutique shop somewhere local, and it's equally possible that they picked them up while traveling in Europe.

Fast forward to SuperZoo 2016, where the Tre Ponti company had a booth. I told them I hadn't been able to find their products in the USA, and they said they were just starting to bring them here.
Easy On Step-In Harness

I was delighted to be able to purchase a Tre Ponti harness at the show. Ru's harness is a size 1.5, and it looks like he could wear a size 2 as well. These are a different style that almost anything else I've seen except for the Top Paw knock offs they have at PetSmart. It's a bit like a regular step-in harness, but it's also like a Norway harness. There's not much to rub or irritate the dog's skin. The material is breathable and flexible, but also holds it's shape well enough to keep the harness in place.

Pros: Easy to put on. Very simple yet effective design. Comes in lots of colors and materials. Strap back closure helps prevent escape by tightening when pressure is applied. Very distinctive-looking.

Cons: Like most harnesses of this style, the strap laying across the top of the shoulder has the potential to limit the dog's range of motion. For this reason, I would not use this style of harness on my performance dogs for extended exercise.

Bottom Line: I use the Tre Ponti Liberty harness when Ru is wearing a big sweater, because it adjusts instantly to go over whatever he is wearing.

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  1. The tre ponti is to small for him. The harness should be above the schouders and the strap is supposed to be closed all the way, That is why he has limited range of motion. greetings