Monday, December 19, 2016

Product Update: Starmark RubberTuff Stump

I brought a Starmark RubberTuff Stump toy home from SuperZoo, and was unreasonably excited about trying it out. This natural rubber toy provides a very different chewing experience than Starmark's flagship Everlasting Treat toys. The new Lock & Block treats are designed specifically for the RubberTuff toy line.
toy missing chunks after 2 play sessions

Several hours after I posted my original review for the RubberTuff Stump, I realized that it was already missing chunks. The toy came with a single Lock & Block treat, and I had purchased a pack of two refills. Sisci Godzilla does not normally chew to destroy, but the toy was already taking serious damage after only two play sessions. This is a size medium toy, the package says it is for dogs 15-40 pounds. Sisci Godzilla is a trim 28 pounds, so this seemed like the correct size toy for her.

I never write off a product without contacting the company first, so I emailed Starmark with a picture of the toy. They responded by sending me a large RubberTuff Stump, for dogs over 40 pounds. Yay Starmark! I truly appreciate a company that stands behind their products.

Testing and reporting back on the performance of the size large Stump was a bit delayed because
I couldn't find large Lock and Block treat refills anywhere. That's what I get for being an early adopter. My local shops only carry the small and medium RubberTuff toys and treat refills. I finally found large treats last week, and immediately put the large Stump to the test.
Large size rubber dog toy

I am pleased to say that after two rounds of refill treats, the large Stump is holding up significantly better than the medium. It has some punctures, but the rubber is not tearing loose or giving up this time. Obviously it's not going to last forever, but it seems to be capable of withstanding the kind of chewing for which it was designed.

So know we know: Size up your RubberTuff toys! It's not a bad idea to size up on Starmark toys in general. My medium-sized dogs certainly get plenty of enjoyment out of the toys intended for dogs over 40 pounds, and 6-lb Ru loves the medium toys.

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