Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Starmark Everlasting Treats Liver

Contrary to what the name would have us believe, Starmark's Everlasting Treats do not, in fact, last forever. Starmark has been moving away from the Willy Wonka-themed product names for a while now, so I assume they will be changing these to something serious in the near future. I would like to suggest Edible Gnawing Discs or something equally unimaginative. I also insist on pronouncing the word "gnaw" with a G like Captain Hook in the Peter Pan play. "Guh-naw".

Good For: Tossing straight to the dogs when I want them to spend a while guh-nawing. Stuffing inside the Everlasting Bento Ball and Everlasting Treat Ball. Lasting about as long as a bully stick. Being tastier than the chicken, hickory, or vanilla flavors. Rolling under the furniture and getting lost without rotting.

Not Good For: Actually motivating the dogs to chew the entire thing out of a toy unless doctored up a bit. Lasting forever, or any longer than a bully stick when not wedged into a toy. Noticeably cleaning teeth.

How Much We Like Them: Enough to keep buying them and jamming them into those toys. I think I have four packages in the cupboard right now.

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