Sunday, October 19, 2014

Product Review: Mirage #72 Crystal Collar

The Mirage #72 Crystal Collar is a vinyl buckle collar with a double row of crystals. It comes in nine colors and eight sizes to fit dogs with necks 6-22" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

The Mirage Pet Products company makes assorted inexpensive pet products and sells them wholesale to distributors and retail sellers. They also do drop shipping arrangements where online stores can sell a collar without having it in stock, and Mirage will just ship the collar directly to the customer.

Mirage makes a variety of interesting and adorable collars for cheap. Brisbane's #72 is clearly an older model based on the shape of the post ring in the center. Ours is triangle-shaped, while the current model has a round ring. This hardware is for attaching tags rather than leashes, there is a ring beside the buckle for that.

I suspect Mirage has been around for a few decades because a lot of their products are remarkably similar to the fancy stuff carried by the local pet store when I was a kid. The vinyl sailor collars are particularly nostalgic. I found Brisbane's collar at a thrift store so I have no idea how old it is, but it has held up beautifully. I've found similar vintage collars that date from the 1970's.

Pros: Snazzy collar with crystals riveted right on so they stay put. Does not appear to age. Looks quite fancy but costs $30 or less new.

Cons: Might be imported from who knows where and be crafted from toxic metals. Pretty center ring looks like a deceptively good place to clip a leash.

Bottom Line: I had trouble deciding whether to make this a product review and not a vintage chic post because I genuinely do not know how old this collar is. That's pretty impressive.

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