Sunday, October 12, 2014

Product Review: Good Other Cuz

The Good Other Cuz is a natural rubber squeaky ball by JW Pet. It features nubby little legs without feet, unlike the traditional Cuz ball. The Cuz balls come in assorted colors and three sizes for all kinds of dogs.
Photo by Erin Koski

Brisbane's Cuz ball is usually kept up out of reach, or in my training bag. This is because the Cuz balls contain the World's Most Annoying Squeaker, and Briz knows this. His preferred way of playing with the Cuz is to wait until something very important is happening that requires quiet, like a professional phone call, and then grab the ball and squeak with reckless abandon. The Cuz is his favorite Attention-Getting Device. We use it for agility practice, he works hard when he knows he will be allowed to squeak nonstop for several minutes while standing in the water bucket.

Pros: Highly-motivating and irresistible squeaking action. A tough toy that holds up far better than a standard tennis ball. Ours is a medium, the large size is big enough that it shouldn't present a choking hazard even for giant breeds.

Cons: Hearing this thing squeak inside the house for any length of time sort of makes me want to kill myself. Recreational chewers enjoy gnawing off the tiny legs off this Cuz.

Bottom Line: Using this ball only as a training reward strikes a nice balance between giving my dog a toy he adores, and never wanting to hear it squeak ever again.

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