Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Product Review: Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball

The Tug-N-Toss by Jolly Pets is a durable ball with a handle. It bounces, floats, and will not deflate when punctured. The Tug-N-Toss comes in three colors and four sizes, from 4.5" to 10", for dogs of any size.
Photo by Erin Koski

The Jolly Ball began life as a toy produced by the Horseman's Pride company. For this reason, Brisbane's first Jolly Ball was a 14" peppermint-scented hand-me-down from Frisco, my thoroughbred. As a puppy, Briz loved chasing and biting that enormous ball. The best part was clearly the handle, and eventually he chewed it all the way off and it was retired. Not long after the demise of the giant peppermint Jolly Ball, I found this red one in a pet store. I had thought that this was the first time Jolly Balls had specifically been marketed for dogs, but it turns out that Jolly Pets has been around since 1994.
Photo by Erin Koski
The handle on our red Jolly Ball has been similarly gnawed/loved, but it has held up relatively well. I do tend to limit how much time Brisbane can spend chewing it, and I think it might be a little bit tougher than the giant peppermint ball.

This ball is seriously tough, not as tough as an Extreme Kong, but it's also not designed specifically for chewing. The ball holds its shape on its own, so it can be punctured repeatedly and spring back into ball-shape. Ours has, in fact, been punctured repeatedly and is full of tooth marks. Brisbane finds biting it to be extremely satisfying and slightly OCD-triggering. Our Jolly Ball is an 8" model, and is at least eight or nine years old now. It has been left outdoors for weeks at a time and shows no signs of fading or aging.

Bottom Line: Safe for big dogs to chase and enjoy, also fun for smaller dogs with big ideas. I'm pretty sure this ball will last forever, as long as it isn't chewed into oblivion.

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