Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's Caturday! The Furminator Will Change Your Life

It's Caturday! Here are my cats! My family has had cats longer than they've had me, my parents, brother, and sister are all serious cat people. I have a theory that loving dogs is genetic though, and this is supported by the fact that my paternal grandmother and my aunt both raised and showed dogs for many years. Know who else did that? My father's long-lost sister who was given up for adoption at birth. She found our family just a few years ago, and it turns out she has a long history of showing and breeding dogs. Coincidence? Nope, the dogs are in our genes.
This catloaf can't breathe.
Angel, one of my childhood cats,  frequently slept like this.
 We called it the Brain Damage Position.
How could he possibly be getting enough oxygen?!
(Please excuse the scruffiness, he was at least 20 years old
when this picture was taken.)

Anyway, back to the cat people of the family. Our sole grooming tool for my childhood cats was a sturdy metal comb. It served to get some hair off the cats, so I spent most of my life believing it to be an effective grooming tool. Then came...the Furminator (*insert dramatic music here*).

A regular comb is nice if you want to sort of pet your cat while removing some hair and making sure they don't have any tangles. The Furminator is nice if you want to remove every single hair your cat could possibly be considering shedding in the near future. And then some. If taking hair off the cat is your goal, the Furminator is your solution. The first time you use it, you will probably end up with a pile of fur bigger than your cat. You will wonder how the hell your cat could lose that much and still have fur. Just don't use it on their belly, as it can rip off their tiny kitty nipples.

I brought a Furminator along when I went to visit my aunt and cousins in Idaho last fall. I found my aunt lovingly coming one of her cats with a wire comb, so I left the Furminator with her. It was magical.

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