Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Blessed Solstice to You!

Today is the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, and we are looking forward to the days growing longer! Winter is sort non-thing here in Southern California, yesterday it was 80 degrees. The most we can hope for is some light rain and the occasional chilly night. The only difference between this and the rest of the year is the length of the days.
Solstice: "MEOW!"

I work outside, so I'm super angsty about the weather, and acutely aware of how much time I have before it gets dark each day. Right now the sun drops behind the hills at around 4:30 each afternoon, and the mad dash to get everyone fed and bedded down for the evening begins as early at 3:00.

In years past, I have spent the longest night keeping the fire burning, waiting for the sun to rise in the morning. This year I will be getting a good night's sleep. Whether you celebrate the turning of the seasons with a yule log and gifts, listening for the Wild Hunt, keeping vigil over the flame, or just appreciating that the days can't possibly get any shorter, I wish you a Happy Solstice and a Blessed Yule.

(Solstice the kitty wishes you a very loud meow, as per usual.)

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