Thursday, December 29, 2016

Product Review: The Coop Walker Head Dog Toy

Did you know that there are actual licensed Walking Dead dog toys? They are made by The Coop, a company that produces all sorts of fandom dreams-come-true. This is a sturdy plush toy with a rope attached, and not a lot of stuffing inside. It is labeled with the Walking Dead official logo. It's a severed zombie head. Who could ask for anything more?
Plus Walker Head dog toy
Photo by Erin Koski

This toy arrived in our second Loot Pets crate, back when they were still including geeky toys instead of just regular cheap toys. I'm not a gigantic TWD fan, but I appreciate the series a lot.

This little toy is surprisingly well-designed. Big box stores and their quick-and-dirty promotions of movies and other franchises has left me expecting licensed toys to be low quality more often than not.
Photo by Erin Koski

Our walker head has gotten quite a lot of playtime, and it has held up very well so far. The girls haven't managed to fetch it to death, and it doesn't have loose seams or anything that begs to be shredded.

Pros: Sturdy and well-made. Small enough for little dogs, but big enough for most medium and large dogs to enjoy. Zombies.

Cons: Not easy to find, The Coop may even have made this exclusively for Loot Crate. How I wish they'd go back to that model, instead of random cheap toys.

Bottom Line: The Coop also makes a bunch of Star Trek dog accessories. Their Walking Dead collection includes collars, shirt, and a Well Walker toy. Remember that one that was stuck in the well and when they pulled it out it came apart? Yeah, the toy does that too.

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