Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Loot Pets February: Dead

Our February Loot Pets Crate arrived today, and this month's theme is 'Dead'. Zombies! Zombies everywhere! We got another exclusive collar charm, an actual Walking Dead dog toy, and two bags of treats.
Walking Dead walker dog toy

The official licensed Walking Dead decapitated walker head comes to us from The Coop, the same company that brought us last month's Space Invaders leash.

There are two bags of treats this month, unfortunately both chicken-based, The Zom-Bone Survival Treats are a sort of chicken jerky, hopefully Sisci and Ru like them since Brisbane is allergic. The Night of the Living Chimchangas chicken sticks really remind me of the Pedigree Jumbones I used to buy for my cocker spaniel years ago, but with way better ingredients. Both of these goodies come to us from Loving Pets. This is the same company that brought us Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps.

This totally rocking Deadpool shirt comes from Fifth Sun, makers of all sorts of officially licensed shirts. Unfortunately it will never sit any of my dogs without some major alteration. All of our Loot Pets shirts have been extremely wide, as if made for a pug or French bulldog. I don't have any short-backed stocky dogs, everyone here has a long back and would look ridiculous wearing one of these midriff shirts. Maybe I'll try ordering a size smaller next time to see if the fit it a little different.

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