Saturday, February 27, 2016

Product Review: Platinum Pets Genuine Leather Collar

This Genuine Leather Collar by Platinum Pets has glorious purple metal stars, and matching purple hardware. So unique! The color is powder coated, it's not just a paint or varnish. Platinum Pets makes collars with powder-coated spikes and stars in a rainbow of colors. These are available in white and black leather, with fourteen different color choices for the hardware and decorations. They come in three sizes to fit dogs with necks up to 20" around.
Platinum Pets powder coated hardware star puppy collar
Photo by Erin Koski

When I first started seeing colored metal on pet products, my response was, "Welp, there's no way that's going to stay on there." I figured the metal was just painted, maybe coated in some sort of varnish. The assumption was that it would peel or rub off just like every other painted metal surface on a dog collar. They were probably made in China and would be terrible quality under the pretty colors.

It turns out that Platinum Pets is based in the USA, and their products perform better than expected. This tiny collar still looks brand-new after several weeks of continuous wear.

In addition to these decorated leather collars, Platinum Pets makes bowls, choke chains, prong collars, and chain leashes in the same colors. The coloring process is done at their facility in California, and the color seems to stay on better than expected. Of course, the first place it wears is anywhere metal is contacting metal, so the chains and prongs start losing color where the links rub together. I just saw a bright blue metallic prong collar on a dog at work this week, and the collar was very eye-catching.

Pros: Inexpensive, unique, and totally adorable. Super light and soft for delicate and tiny necks. Made, or at least colored, in the USA.

Cons: Only comes in three sizes so may not fit every dog. Larger collars with larger stars may not hold up as well.

Bottom Line: Reviews on these vary so much that there may be some questionable quality control or a counterfeiting issue, especially with the Platinum Pet choke chains. Ru's collar is holding up beautifully, but if I decided to buy one of their choke chains I would get it directly from the company.

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