Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paw Spa: Happy Tails Spa Eye Pads

These Eye Pads from Happy Tails Spa are just what I need to keep Brisbane's tear stains under control. They are premoistened, and come in a little plastic jar just like my acne pads did when I was thirteen. Tear-free solution means I don't have to worry about getting too close to Brisbane's eyes, and the lavender smell is lovely.
premoistened tear stain wipes for dogs
Briz is not a fan.

Happy Tails Spa

This company bases their business on all-natural grooming products. We sell them at work, and I am in love with their Fur Butter conditioner. While I'm not one to fall for the appeal to nature fallacy, they do make some very nice-smelling and effective products.

How Do They Work?

The Eye Pads are soaked in a witch hazel solution that includes colloidal silver and various other plant-based substances that make it tear-free and easy to wet down fur with. The pads are round and kind of nubbly, exactly like the Oxy snd Noxema pads I used to use. Are those still around? The pad texture and solution make it very easy to get the dog's face fur very wet, and allow for some gentle scrubbing unlike smooth wipes. The pads are also infused with colloidal silver, which is supposed to inhibit microbial growth and help gradually clean chronic tearstains by preventing new hair from getting stained. .

Do They Actually Work?

I'm not dealing with chronic tearstains caused by allergies, deformities, or just plain bad breeding. What I am dealing with is a weepy eye caused by Brisbane's tumor, which is better or worse depending on the day. I know that constant wetness can create a perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, so I'd like to keep his face as clean as possible.

I had long thought that products like this were a waste of money, and I could get the same effect with a washcloth and plain old water. These things are all about the convenience factor, right? I underestimated the convenience factor, these things are amazing. They mean the difference between daily routine face wiping and procrastination. So, so very convenient. I originally wasn't using them that often, and I expected the jar to dry out pretty quickly. Happily, they seem as great as they were the day they were opened. I also assumed they would run out almost immediately, but there's 50 in the jar so that's almost two months of eye wiping once a day.

So I don't really care if they're working because of antimicrobial silver and herbs, or because they're just kinda wet and scrubby. Happy Tails Eye Pads are amazing.

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