Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our Goods of Desire Pet Hamper

This "pet hamper" by Goods of Desire apparently came all the way from Hong Kong before ending up in a California thrift shop. A friend picked it up for me because she thought it was from Japan, but I'm happy with a Ru-holder from a different bustling metropolitan Asian island nation. Tracking down the manufacturer was tricky because the name is abbreviated to GOD on all the logos and tags, and you can imagine what sort of things I came up with while googling 'GOD pet hamper'.

I think my favorite thing about this carrier is the rigid bottom. This is a bag in which a small dog can feel secure and stable. The exterior bottom is sturdy black vinyl that looks like it was actually intended to be set down on the ground outside. The interior is also black vinyl, with a removable cushion that velcroes in place.

This bag is open on either end, with snaps at the top to open the whole bag. There are pockets on each side, and one zippers shut. The straps adjust about three inches via buckles.

Overall the effect is a distinctive and unusual-looking bag. There are no bones or doggy-themed decorations on it, but the openings on the ends make it pretty obvious what this bag is for. I would call it a dog carrier or a dog purse, but the tag calls it a pet hamper.

Whilst searching for more information about this bag, I learned a bit about the G.O.D. brand. Goods of Desire is a company founded and based in Hong Kong. They sell clothes, home furnishings, and gifts. The brand is really all about Hong Kong, and various items feature culturally relevant scenes and slogans.

Once I found the manufacturer, I sort of assumed their products were available in US markets. It turns out they are really by and for the people of Hong Kong, and their stuff only pops up in US boutiques occasionally.

For anyone wondering, G.O.D.
apparently sounds like "to live better" in Cantonese. A lot of their products and slogans have double meanings in English, which I find hilarious. They seem pretty edgy, but I think they're celebration of their culture and history is pretty awesome. That said, they're currently having a "Ching Chong Sale" and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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