Friday, February 26, 2016

Food Friday: Zignature Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food

Our recent move brought us within a few blocks of a store that sells Zignature along with basically every other awesome brand of dog food available in California. They had Orijen and Acana, Primal, Stella and Chewy's, Pure Vita, Canidae Pure, Dogswell, Artemis, Nature's Variety, Real Meat, Ziwi Peak, Merrick, Wellness, Solid Gold, Weruva, NutriSource, Party Animal, Taste of the Wild, Honest Kitchen, Fromm, and some foods we've never tried before.

dog food and dinosaursThe Company

I'm pretty sure Zignature has updated their website since last I visited, and I'm pleased with the changes. They say right on the site that they use co packers, including Tuffy's Pet Foods and Performance Pet. They also openly state that they source their ingredients from quality suppliers around the world. Their kangaroo comes from Australia and their duck comes from France because those are where the best kangaroo and duck can be found.

One of the things I like about their nutritional philosophy is their unique type of appeal to nature.
dog chow and dinosaurs
Most pet food companies go on at great lengths about how "your dog is a wolf so you must feed it like a wolf". Zignature's version is this: "a wild predator may find varying types of prey from day to day, but each meal will be fairly limited, so we use a single type of protein in most of our foods". That's logic I can get behind, flawed or not.

The Food

This is a grain-free, soy-free food that contains not potatoes or sweet potatoes (shall I say, tuber-free?) or any type of poultry. In addition to the lamb, there are peas, carrots, chickpeas, vitamins, and that's it. The peas and carrot bits are really obvious, and I lost a pea or two while scooping it out of the can. It's a pate-style food that works well for mixing with kibble, wrapping around pills, and watering down to fill puzzle toys for the freezer. This food is rated five out of five stars on the Dog Food advisor website, and I would happily feed it to my dogs as their sole source of nutrition if I had to pick just one food. Zignature also makes kangaroo, whitefish, and trout/salmon canned formulas that are safe for Brisbane's poultry, egg, corn, barley, and sweet potato allergies. How cool is that?

What's your dog's favorite kind of canned food?


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    1. Me too! The new store even has a Zignature logo right on their sign!

    2. Me too! The new store even has a Zignature logo right on their sign!