Sunday, November 6, 2016

Back from the Redwoods!

The Dog Geek and the Dog Geek Dogs are finally back from our adventure in the redwoods, and ready to start blogging again! We went all the way up to the Avenue of the Giants, camped at Giant Redwoods campground, and played along the Eel River. It was beautiful and majestic and cold and wet.
Magical dog on redwood tree fairy circle

Living in southern California, we don't often get to use a lot of our gear. It's rarely ever cold or wet. This was a car camping trip rather than a backpacking trip, so we got to bring along just about everything!

I am fortunate that Zip fits into just about everything of Brisbane's. She is longer in the back and narrower in the chest, but she's basically the same size. She stayed dry in a Hurtta Winter Jacket, Godzilla wore her Ruffwear K-9 Overcoat, and all three dogs kept warm in Ruffwear Climate Changer jackets.
Camping essentials for chihuahuas.

Well, lets be honest here, Ru spent most of the trip in his Pet Flys Snuggle Bug. Even his Quinzee coat and Hurtta snowsuit weren't enough to keep him toasty. His favorite part of camping is sitting as close to the fire as he can get without actually bursting into flames. I'm not really sure how hot a chihuahua can be for how long before incurring thermal damage, but it's a lot more than I would have guessed.

Despite two days of rain and an unplanned night in a motel, we had a really wonderful trip. The California coastal redwoods are really, truly amazing and walking among them is absolutely magical.

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