Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Godzilla!

Sisci Godzilla is two years old today! Every year I bake the dogs a cake on their birthdays, put a number candle in it, and take a picture. That's a bacon applesauce cake topped with cream cheese and bacon sprinkles.
The annual dog Geek birthday photo

I'm surprised at how much more grown up Godzilla looks at two, she has a far more mature-looking face. She's also significantly more muscular, basically the canine version of a body builder. People put their hands on her and go "wow!"

I had hoped to start competing in agility by now, but we've taken a few weeks off while our instructor is competing around the country. In the meantime, we've gotten Godzilla's first lure coursing title, and a leg towards her first AKC herding title as well!

I think our biggest achievement is working together on the sheep ranch, though. Sisci Godzilla is happy to demonstrate that ranch work isn't just for border collies. She is my superdog, and the decision to keep her is largely the cause of our move and current work situation. Every time I look at her, I think "Wow, I made the right choice!"

The annual Dog Geek birthday photo

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